Data storytelling strategies that promote evidence-informed practice

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Assistant Principal, Queen of Apostles School

In a climate where we can be inundated by data, the Aasha for Schools presentation really helped make practical sense of the importance, relevance and power of data. Our staff left the PD feeling inspired and passionate about using data to inform teaching. I would highly recommend Aasha for Schools to both primary and secondary schools. 

Linda Holmes, AP Curriculum, St Anne's Catholic School Sarina


We were so impressed with how Selena assisted us on our data journey at the conference, that we then engaged her services to work with our staff, to work with our school and classroom data. This process helped us work together as a group to view data in a positive light, and we are continuing to book Selena's services throughout 2020. One staff member commented that their view on data had completed changed after engaging with her through her PD at our school. 

Principal, St Joseph's Malvern


I can't thank you enough for your thorough analysis of our data. We shared your report at yesterday's staff meeting and it was very well received, with lots of great conversations... It was awesome! I am hoping this will guide future professional development in data literacy and I will be using your book!

Dr. Selena Fisk

[ School data coach and consultant ]


Selena started Aasha for Schools in 2017, following the completion of her doctoral thesis, entitled "A qualitative inquiry of students' and teachers' perceptions on feedback in three Queensland secondary schools". Selena is passionate about data storytelling in schools, and using data in ways that help school communities, teachers and students flourish. She has published two books with Hawker Brownlow Education, "Using and analysing data in Australian schools" and "Leading data-informed change in schools". Selena was a recipient of the 2019 The Australian Council of Educational Leaders (ACEL) "New Voice in Educational Leadership Research Scholarship", and Aasha for Schools was named in the "Top 50 Organisations in Education" in the 2019 GFEL conference in Dubai.

When not hanging out with her Excel documents, Selena enjoys travelling, writing, live music, netball, and hanging out with her doggos.

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[ School data coaching ]

Selena offers coaching services to schools in tracking and monitoring progress and achievement, collaborative teams, and leading data-informed change. This work can occur: for individuals, small groups, department or year level teams, or leadership teams. 


Selena offers Professional Development sessions that are tailored to your school's or cluster's needs. Possible focus areas are:

- using and analysing data

- data storytelling

- leading pedagogical change from data

- school improvement

- evidence-informed practice.

[ Professional Development ]


[ School data plans ]

Selena works with leadership teams to co-construct school data plans and/or school improvement plans that incorporate deliberate collection of evidence of impact.