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Selena started Aasha for Schools in 2017, following the completion of her doctoral thesis, entitled "A qualitative inquiry of students' and teachers' perceptions on feedback in three Queensland secondary schools". Selena is passionate about data storytelling in schools and using data in ways that help school communities, teachers and students flourish. She has published two books with Hawker Brownlow Education, "Using and analyzing data in Australian schools" and "Leading data-informed change in schools". Selena was a recipient of 2019 The Australian Council of Educational Leaders (ACEL) "New Voice in Educational Leadership Research Scholarship", and Aasha for Schools was named in the "Top 50 Organisations in Education" in 2019 GFEL conference in Dubai.

When not hanging out with her Excel documents, Selena enjoys traveling, writing, live music, netball, and hanging out with her doggos.

Dr. Selena Fisk

[ School data coach and consultant ]


Selena specialises in evidence-informed practice in schools, and relentlessly advocates for data storytelling in school communities so that students are the ultimate beneficiaries of any analysis. Of particular interest to Selena is the power of data-informed conversations with students. Selena has shared the outcomes of her research and experience with a range of audiences, including school-based teams, aspiring leaders, and school leaders.


Selena’s experience in education includes leadership roles in student performance, social justice, and curriculum leadership in Australia and in the UK. Selena is committed to maximising student voice, focusing on positive psychology, and developing well-calibrated mindsets in young people. She believes that educators have the power to make a positive difference in the lives of young people, and in turn, contribute to the development of a more just and equitable world.


Using data to guide and track student and school improvement and wellbeing is a focus of Selena’s current work. Selena engages educators in a pragmatic approach to understanding data and builds skills and confidence in data-informed conversations that positively impact learning environments, departments, schools and systems. Having worked in a range of schools across the country, Selena shares and promotes practices displayed by highly effective schools, leaders, and teachers.