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Data coaching/consultancy sessions
Coaching/consultancy sessions for data-informed practice and pedagogy.  
This package is available face-to-face or over the phone/web conference.

You may have staff that have an interest in being data-informed; however, they need coaching to translate this interest into tangible actions and growth. Consequently, we can be your 'critical friend', who coaches and consults with your school - whether it be with individual teacher sessions, small groups, the leadership team, your data team, or your middle leadership team. 


The benefit of having someone else support your use of data is that you can be exposed to a range of ideas, your staff can brainstorm strategies for improvement, and you can seek advice from someone who is not directly in your school context. This objectivity can help decipher the challenges in the data and help pave a path to improvement. 


Cost depends on location and frequency of meetings. Please contact us for more information. Selena's regular daily rate is $3000 + GST (plus travel).

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Professional Learning Sessions
Professional learning sessions  
We offer professional learning sessions for teachers, middle leaders, senior leaders and systems.

Do your staff need a professional learning session in:

- using and analysing data

- data storytelling

- leading pedagogical change from data

- formative assessment

- student-generated assessment

- assessment for learning

- school improvement 

- evidence-informed practice

- teacher team research projects

Cost depends on location and frequency of meetings. Please contact us for more information. Selena's regular daily rate is $3000 + GST (plus travel) for one-off engagements, but this rate is negotiable for multiple days.

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Unpacking your data
A report analysing your school data, including identification of possible focus areas and strategies for improvement.
This report unpacks your school data, and may include the analysis of NAPLAN, PAT data, subject data, school perception data, or other school data in a simple, easy to use report...

If you are finding it difficult to sort through all the data to decipher trends and focus areas for your school, this report is for you. We can analyse the data for your school and identify the following:

- key points of interest

- areas of strength

- areas requiring further attention

- areas showing growth and progress

- specific ideas and recommendations to address each of the areas requiring attention

- analysis of any additional focus areas/areas of interest.

Following the generation of the report, you can add a feedback session where we come to you and present the findings to your staff or senior leaders. 

Costs start at $1500 per report + GST (dependent on school size and amount of analysis).

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Bespoke Data Support Packages
Does your school need a mix of the options above?
A bespoke data support package might include:

- in-person staff professional development,

- coaching/consultancy sessions with teams of teachers, your data team, leadership team or middle leaders in-person or with the use of technology,

- support for data analysis and report writing, 

- web conferences,

- phone coaching/consultancy,

- regular consultancy sessions,

- school cluster meetings etc... 

The options in this package really are endless! Build your own package based on the needs of your school and build in whatever suits your context best. If you're not sure what you're after, contact us and we can build a package for you.

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