Selena is a facilitator and speaker who is passionate about data storytelling and evidence-informed collaborative decision making. She draws on her experience as a researcher and a teacher when she works with leaders, CTOs and their teams to build skills in using data in a way that positively transforms organisations and guides change efforts.


Many organisations do not fully harness the power of the information that they have available, so Selena works with them to develop their understanding of the data and confidence in data storytelling, as well as to build collaborative decision-making skills.

Dr. Selena Fisk

[ Data coach and storyteller ]


Selena's keynotes and workshops include:

Keynotes (90-120 minutes in length).

  • Data storytelling - Why we all need to know our numbers. This keynote focuses on the importance of data storytelling - what it is, why it matters, and how we can harness the power of data to support decision making.

  • Evidence-informed collaborative decision making - Why we shouldn't be the only one talking about numbers. This keynote focuses on the collaborative nature of evidence-informed decision making - it should never be about one person holding all the data and making all the decisions.


Full- or half-day workshops (3 or 6 hour sessions)

Selena works with small groups of leaders and/or their teams and their own data to work collaboratively, identify trends, engage in data storytelling, and lead change. Get in touch to co-construct your ideal evidence-informed collaborative decision making day. 



Brisbane, Australia


13 197 046 445